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"I love you, so promise you’ll be like the ocean and come back to me, even when they pull you away. Always come back to me.”


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01. This is Gospel - Panic! At the Disco
02. In the Pines - Janel Drewis
03. Take Me to Church - Hozier
04. Addicted to You - Avicii
05. The Walker - Fitz and the Tantrums
06. Primadonna - Marina and the Diamonds
07. Take it or Leave it - Sublime w/ Rome
08. Unbelievers - Vampire Weekend
09. Bad Blood - Bastille
10. Demons - Imagine Dragons

There’s always gonna be someone smarter, there’s always gonna be someone better looking, there’s always gonna be someone who works harder. What you have to offer is yourself, so don’t lose it, focus on it and try to bring it out.

Joan found Shirley MacLaine’s character in the film deeply sad, passed around among the men in her office “like a plate of canapés.” As with so many other moments like this on Mad Men, Joan doesn’t seem to realize she’s speaking of herself as readily as the person she thinks she’s talking about. But this is clear by episode’s end. As the two get in the elevator to head down, Bert asks her to push the button for the lobby, and the connection between Joan and the movie character is clear: Both have wasted some part of themselves on men who, fundamentally, don’t love them, because they’re hoping for something better out of it and simply not finding it. And from the look on Joan’s face, she gets this just as well. (x)

Feelings are overrated if you ask me.
Beats being an angel.

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.

Everyone has it, but no one can lose it. 

do i get the gold chariot?
do i float through the ceiling? [x]

color meme → sam winchester + green

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